Courses Now Available on and LinkedIn Learning

I’m very pleased to announce (albeit belatedly) that I now have a pair of new courses available for viewing—though on different subject matter and in a different location than my previous work.

Specifically, I now have a pair of courses available at both LinkedIn Learning and Both courses focus on the course management system of D2L, with their main audience being teachers who use the platform in their classrooms.

The first course, How to Teach with Desire2Learn 2016, takes a fairly generalist approach, covering features that would be useful regardless of the context or subject matter. The second course, Teaching Online with Desire2Learn, focuses on using D2L specifically in the context of online teaching. It covers some of the same material as course number one, but emphasizes how the context changes up the strategy.

Developing these courses was a new kind of experience. Though I’ve done video training before, it’s been heavy on theory, and light on demo. These new courses are very demo heavy, though, taking teachers through the more intricate dimensions of the D2L platform, and discussing how to leverage its value and work around its shortcomings.

With that in mind, I’m extremely grateful to the production team I worked with for their assistance and feedback, all of which was critical in getting these courses into shape. I value technology highly in my own teaching, and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to the professional development of my worldwide colleagues by making this material and training available.

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