In addition to teaching, I’m passionate about the technology of teaching, and to helping my fellow teachers learn how to use technology better. One of the main ways I accomplish that is through my training courses available at and LinkedInLearning.

At the moment, I have a pair of courses available in these outlets, both focusing on the learning management system Desire2Learn (D2L), which I’ve used for years. You can find direct links to all of the courses by clicking in the paragraph above.

How to Teach with Desire2Learn 2016

This course covers the fundamentals of working with Desire2Learn, starting all the way at the beginning. Any user coming to D2L for the first time will be able to use the material, but the course also gets into some of the nuances, and addresses the functionality of D2L on a wide variety of levels.

Teaching Online with Desire2LearnĀ 

This second course also addresses some of the main functionality of D2L, and like the first course is heavy on the programmatic demo. This course, though, starts with the assumption that viewers need to figure out how to best use D2L when teaching in an online context, and puts a special focus on how the platform’s functionality can best be applied or leveraged to make the most of online teaching.

I’m very proud of the work we were able to do producing and developing these courses, and I hope my fellow teachers find them useful.

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