Updates from AWP

I just got back from AWP (okay, back is a strong word considering it was located here in Chicago) and it was just as energizing, intimidating, desperate, and comforting as usual.  I’ll post specific responses to panels and whatnot over the next few days, but here’s a reflective tidbit to get you started:

Peggy Shumaker is Awesome

What more can I say? I met Peggy (a poet) this weekend through a mutual friend, and on numerous occasions she was gracious, warm-hearted, and seemed to take genuine delight in introducing people in her life to one another.  We had dinner at Pegasus on Friday night with a whole crew of other writers and editors, and the embarrassing buffet of sumptuous Greek food was enough to bond anyone.  In addition to being a kind woman, though, Peggy is also a great poet.  I highly encourage you to visit her website and check out her work.  While you’re at it, why not order a book or two?

You Can Also Find Me Here

I’ll be posting additional updates/insights in the next few days, but if you simply can’t wait you check out some guest dispatches I did for therumpus.net.  They’re a fun little e-zine of perceptive people, and very much worth your time.

I’ll post more updates later this week.  Enjoy!

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